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We specialize in legal translations:

Agreements, tender bids, legal process, court documents, wills, certificates, etc.  We work extensively with patent attorneys, and have carved a niche providing translations in the realm of intellectual property rights and patents in particular.

It is always our aim to create a “seamless” translation that is coherent and flows as if originally written in that language.  Special effort is made to use the right terminology and nomenclature depending on the field of knowledge and to remain faithful to the original text.

We believe that translation is an art. Just as a painter seeks the right lighting, colors and contours to express a certain mood, feeling or idea, so does the translator have to carefully pick the right word, term or sentence structure in order to provide a faithful rendition of the original text, and sometimes even improve upon it

We Offer a Wide Range
of Translation Services

Mila-b-Mila is a translation company that has been providing high quality, professional translation services for over 15 years. Check out our client list and read some client testimonials. Many customers feel that Mila-b-Mila is the best translation company for their requirements.

Mila-b-Mila stands for Global Translation Services. We have earned our name by being an international translation agency with global reach. With translators in over 100 countries and support of over 60 languages, we have the language expertise you need in every part of the world.

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