Mila B’Mila is run by Dafna Baskin and has been in the translation business since 1987. Most of our clients have been referred to us by word of mouth, and over the years we have gained a reputation among the Israeli business community as a small firm providing consistently high quality translations. We never promise deadlines we can’t meet, and our clients appreciate our uncompromising professional integrity.

Many of our clients are law firms, patent attorneys, financial and strategic consultants, some major Israeli food corporations as well as private clients with varying translation needs. 

The firm run by Daphna Baskin meticulously handpicks its translators, and that is the secret of our success.  The translation is assigned to the best translator for the particular job, someone who is familiar with the subject matter and has an excellent command of the source and target languages.  All translations are carefully proofread and sometimes edited by a professional consultant when necessary.

We specialize in legal translations:  agreements, tender bids, legal process, court documents, wills, certificates, etc.  We work extensively with patent attorneys, and have carved a niche providing translations in the realm of intellectual property rights and patents in particular.

Among our clients are some of Israel’s leading law firms, leading patent attorneys, technological companies, cosmetic companies, food conglomerates, universities, accounting firms, credit rating agencies, technological incubators, financial consultants and a host of private clients.

Mila b'Mila

We're all about quality and professionalism

Every translation, be it small or large, is a challenge which requires an understanding of the subject matter, knowing the proper terminology, must be communicative with an emphasis on detail. Above all, we want to feel proud of each translation being delivered to the client, to know that we are submitting the best possible product.

We will not promise something we cannot deliver. We are committed to delivering a high standard of translation and meeting deadlines.  We will not undertake a job which we do not believe we can do.

We are committed to respecting the client and strict confidentiality.

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